SAP® Datasphere

SAP Dataspehere

Next Level Data Warehousing

The strategic cloud data warehouse solution from SAP

Whether you need SAP Datasphere or not depends on many factors. The decision is certainly no longer a no-brainer.

With Datasphere, SAP has developed a completely new cloud-based data warehouse that is no longer based on SAP BW. From SAP’s perspective, Datasphere is intended to replace BW in the long term. SAP is focussing on openness and partner­ships with existing solutions. The Datasphere is no longer just a data warehouse; it is both a data hub and the basis of a business data fabric.

The open ecosystem with partners such as Collibra, datab­ricks or DataRobot is perhaps the most decisive diffe­rence to classic BW, alongside the elimi­nation of the NetWeaver platform as the basis. This means that integration into the corporate landscape can be guaranteed much more seamlessly.

With BW Bridge, a technology is also available that makes invest­ments in the existing BW available and thus simplifies the transition to the Datasphere. Thanks to the BW Bridge, it doesn’t neces­s­arily have to be an “either/or” choice. Hybrid solutions with BW and the Datasphere can also be realised.

For whom is the Datasphere a must-have?

For all companies that want to get more out of their data, the Datasphere is the tool of choice. While BW is an estab­lished solution for reporting and planning, it only offers very limited support on the path to becoming a data-driven company.

Merging SAP and non-SAP data in an environment that supports and promotes self-service BI is a key prere­quisite for data-driven companies and will develop from a compe­titive advantage to a hygiene factor in the medium term.

SAP Datasphere



Do I need the Datasphere or is my BW not enough? And what about embedded analytics and HANA Native? Am I not much better off with Microsoft Azure or the Google Cloud?

With our cobicon scorecard, we have a tried-and-tested tool for evaluating the respective alter­na­tives in a colla­bo­rative process and preparing a decision.


You want it to be the Datasphere? The decision alone is not enough. How can the Datasphere best be integrated into the existing data landscape? Which tools and systems will become super­fluous? Which additional ones are needed?

Our archi­tects will be happy to help you answer these questions.


The Datasphere is here and users and developers can finally let off steam. Is there actually an LSA++ archi­tecture in the Datasphere? How do we deal with new possi­bi­lities such as data products? Is it better to create a few or many Spaces? What about naming conven­tions?

We would be happy to help you build the Datasphere and set the course for the future.

Data Culture

The business department complains about how slow and compli­cated IT is. IT is annoyed by the lack of requi­re­ments from the business side and howls because a CSV export is requested for every project. Sounds familiar?

A new technology won’t change anything. To really become a data-driven company, the culture also has to change. This process will hurt. Either once at the beginning or conti­nuously over the next few years. Profes­sional change management is important to minimise the pain. We don’t have anyone at cobicon for this process — but we do have partners who are really good at it.


Of course, we also develop new appli­ca­tions or data models in the Datasphere. However, this is the least of our problems with a well-organised Datasphere and a data culture in the company — which is why it has the smallest text here.


So now BW is finally going to go. But can the DataSphere replace every­thing? And how can every­thing be mapped? And who should actually develop this amount of models?

We know someone…


To ensure that you, your developers and users know what the Datasphere actually is and how to operate and actually use it, an hour or two of training will be required. We can support you here and design, plan and organise training courses.

Integration with hypers­calers

You don’t rely exclu­sively on SAP? Has a hypers­caler like Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud crept into your organi­sation? No need to worry.

With this constel­lation, you are in good company and will find experts who under­stand both SAP and hypers­calers and are absolute fans of this best-of-breed solution.

SAP Datasphere


Whether DataSphere is just one option among many or the imple­men­tation has already been decided or even completed — we support you in all topics relating to SAP DataSphere.

We approach the topic without dogmatism and find the best way for you — whether migration, side-by-side or even non-SAP alter­na­tives.

You need more infor­mation or still have questions on this topic?

Our expert Bernd Herz will be happy to help.

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