cobicon Scorecard

cobicon Scorecard

Business Intel­li­gence Strategy

Our solution to reposition histo­ri­cally grown appli­ca­tions and systems.

The amount of data has grown exponen­tially in recent years. So has the importance of data and infor­mation for business success. As a result, reports are no longer just consumed, but the focus is more on visual presen­tation and inter­active dashboards.

Dealing with the new requi­re­ments and changes will be the central task of the next few years, which will be decisive for success or failure. Therefore, it is important to have a struc­tured process model to find the optimal solution.

With the cobicon BI Scorecard, we have an agile and proven tool at hand to find a suitable solution with you, which supports you in your strategy around the alignment of your reporting. The scorecard is flanked by the cobicon BI maturity model, which helps to classify the existing landscape and define a target picture.

cobicon Scorecard



Our approach is based on value analysis and three workshops. The current situation is analysed and possible solutions are worked out.


Three workshops of four hours each are planned at working level. Here, the cobicon BI scorecard will be developed together with your analytics specia­lists, project managers and key users.


With our offer you can quickly and effec­tively get an overview and prepare a decision in a targeted manner. In addition to the workshops, topics are prepared and followed up by you and us.


The aim is to support you in planning your BI landscape and defining an analytics strategy.


The goal is an evaluation of the possible solutions with a decision paper and, as far as possible, a business case with a profi­ta­bility calcu­lation.


The result of the cobicon scorecard is aimed at stake­holders in the company. In parti­cular, execu­tives in upper management should be optimally supported in the decisions to be made.

cobicon Scorecard


We are happy to support you on your way to a future-proof BI solution, because as an external service provider we bring a fresh perspective to your BI landscape. We advise you on the extent to which SAP®’s product portfolio meets your requi­re­ments or whether other providers of BI or analytics solutions represent a sensible alter­native.

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