SAP® Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud


Whoever currently deals with front-end solutions can hardly avoid the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).

It is positioned by SAP as the tool that can fulfil almost all wishes. Be it self-service reporting, pixel-perfect reporting, predictive, smart insights, mobile-enabled, intuitive, capable of complex inter­ac­tions (through analytic appli­ca­tions), integrative with SAP and satellite systems, the new solution for planning scenarios — these are all buzzwords that are mentioned in connection with SAC.

From our experience, we can report that they can all apply, but require the right know-how to be successfully imple­mented.

SAP Analytics Cloud


All in one

The SAC is a simple cloud solution that connects people, infor­mation and ideas. Decisions can be made quickly and reliably. A solution for reporting, planning and predictive.


With its intuitive and simple user experience, even the business department can build engaging dashboards. Based on secure data provided by IT.


Improve decision-making in your organi­sation by using SAC. With drill-downs, inter­active dashboards, geo-data, value driver trees and many more features of SAC.


With Live Connection, you can use real-time data for your reporting. The data is not limited to one source, allowing the SAC to serve as a single source of truth.

SAP Analytics Cloud


You already use SAC and would like to develop it further? We can help you — perhaps in areas that are new to you, such as appli­ca­tions or planning. Do you want to introduce SAC? We would be happy to take a closer look at your system archi­tecture and requi­re­ments and give you a tailored assessment of whether SAC offers added value for you. Whether SAC intro­duction or further development of an existing SAC system — we will support you.

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