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Whether it is the adapt­ation of existing appli­ca­tions or the imple­men­tation of new appli­ca­tions.
We support you with your questions regarding your SAP landscape both in a consulting and imple­menting capacity.

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Work hard. Play hard.

Felix Siljaew & Bernd Herz
Managing Directors


Our consul­tants support you not only in analysis and conception, but also in imple­men­tation.

We are charac­te­rised by the fact that all our consul­tants are techni­cally experi­enced and have a hands-on mentality.

Nevert­heless, we do not lose sight of the processes and also under­stand what is going on in terms of content.

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Custo­mised software enhance­ments and new develo­p­ments

cobicon Insights

Profit from our experience and insights with customers from a wide variety of indus­tries and use our insights for your own SAP world.