Data Protection Regulation

DSGVO in the SAP Environment

The GDPR, which came into force on 25 May 2018, regulates the handling of personal data for all companies that offer their products or services within Germany or the European Union. The aim of the GDPR is to establish a level of protection for personal data.

SAP systems naturally work with large amounts of data — including personal data. This makes it necessary to comply with all the guide­lines of the GDPR in SAP systems.

Anony­mi­sation, archiving and destruction of personal data are becoming incre­asingly relevant for companies with ERP systems due to the legal regula­tions. However, it is often neglected that these measures for compliance with the GDPR must also be imple­mented in BW systems.



Recording relevant data in BW

We help you to record all personal data in your BW system and thus create a basis for compliance with the GDPR in BW.

Anony­mi­sation of data

Whether after prede­fined periods of time or on request (e.g. when an employee leaves) — with our metho­dology, personal data can be anony­mised automa­ti­cally and on a daily basis and thus also used for reports and analyses in the long term.

Data deletion

If anony­mi­sation of personal data is not necessary because it is no longer relevant for reporting, our metho­dology also helps you to delete this data automa­ti­cally.



Capture, delete and anonymise all personal data in your BW system, whether on demand or after a certain period of time — we help you implement the DSGVO guide­lines in your BW system.

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