Functions of SAP IS‑U

SAP IS‑U, as an industry solution for energy supply companies (EVU), offers a variety of functions aimed at making the processes as efficient as possible. These functions include the management of master data, networks, services, billing, customer service and more.

Management of master data

SAP IS‑U enables the management of various types of master data that are crucial for energy supply. This includes customer master data, technical master data, commercial master data and more. The consistent management of this master data enables users to access the data of various business areas at any time and to centrally control all service and business processes.

Management of networks

SAP IS‑U enables the monitoring of networks in real time to ensure that the supply processes run smoothly. This includes the management of connection objects, consumption points, metering points and devices that are crucial for energy supply. The solution also offers apps for easy meter reading and meter repla­cement with SAP IS‑U Demo.

Service management

The solution offers integrable components such as maintenance (PM), customer service (CS) and sales (SD), through which service orders and contracts for services can be billed. This enables efficient management of service orders and contracts related to energy supply.

Billing functions

SAP IS‑U is mainly used to manage addresses and location files and to create appoint­ments for readings, advance payments and billing. The solution enables efficient billing of private, commercial and indus­trial customers and interested parties. Meters used for billing are shown in the SAP system as devices or device infor­mation records. In addition, other technical devices can be installed, which are also mapped in the system.

Customer service

Customer service clerks can view customer data and start business processes via the Customer Inter­action Center. The solution combines all relevant data from the connected modules in a central access point, which enables efficient customer support. Workflow management makes processes related to work orders easier for companies in the energy sector — from planning to execution to billing of work orders.

With these functions, SAP IS‑U offers a compre­hensive solution for managing master data, networks, services, billing and customer service for energy supply companies. The solution enables employees to manage various master data and devices and offers efficient billing of customers and prospects.

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