cobicon Business Analytics Platform

cobicon Business Analytics Platform

The solution to your problems with data

Do you already have a complex (SAP) analytics landscape in place and still aren’t getting the expected benefits from your data? Data and expertise are spread across several separate silos? End-to-end views along company processes across system boundaries are not possible? Initial AI appli­ca­tions are not delivering the expected results? Is the quality of your (master) data in need of impro­vement? We have the solution for you: the cobicon Business Analytics Platform.

Fully integrated and holistic: Business Analytics Platform (BAP)

There are many reasons why companies are unable to utilise the full potential of their data. In addition to the evergreen issue of poor data quality, there are often also corporate policy reasons that have led to company data being distri­buted in different silos that coexist in isolation from one another. Only by combining and jointly analysing the data can the dormant potential be fully exploited. And only when all data consumers in a company are provided with the data they and their job require at all times and to a limited extent can truly data-driven business decisions be made.

With our Business Analytics Platform framework, we have the right solution for the afore­men­tioned problems.

Important advan­tages of our BAP approach:

  • All company data — regardless of its origin — can be analysed in a common context
  • Holistic data view (end-to-end) of cross-system processes
  • Enabler for AI and machine learning
  • Ensuring data quality across all levels
  • Future-proof thanks to high scala­bility
  • Optimised costs
  • Paving the way for the estab­lishment of a data culture or the real data-driven company
  • Basis for the intro­duction of data mesh concepts
  • In addition to technology, the focus is primarily on people
  • Inclusion of current state-of-theart cloud techno­logies such as MS Azure, Datab­ricks & Snowflake
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Our process begins with a detailed inventory of your current system landscape. We take the time to thoroughly under­stand your existing IT infra­structure in order to identify strengths and localise areas with potential for impro­vement.

Solution archi­tecture

Planning and design of your target system landscape to fulfil the previously deter­mined requi­re­ments and the associated business objec­tives. In addition to the seamless integration of existing systems, the focus is also on covering potential future requi­re­ments.

Integration with SAP systems/data

When developing your solution archi­tecture, the primary goal is to integrate existing (SAP) systems in the best possible way in order to maximise the existing data treasure trove. We are experts in SAP processes and are therefore also very familiar with the resulting data and its structure.When developing your solution archi­tecture, we rely on the currently popular cloud tools, which include Datab­ricks and Snowflake in parti­cular. In addition to our SAP expertise, we are also very familiar with these tools.


Of course, we also develop new appli­ca­tions or data models in the Azure appli­ca­tions. We are happy to involve you or your internal colle­agues in the development process in order to ensure the transfer of expertise as early as possible.

Extension or migration

As soon as the new appli­ca­tions, struc­tures and data models have been set up in Azure and are ready for use, the next step is to integrate them into existing (SAP) environ­ments, expand them or replace them by migrating existing ones. Of course, we decide together which path you take.

Use of any frontend

The Azure Analytics and AI tools offer the option of connecting various front ends and using them for reports and analyses. In addition to common tools such as MS Power BI and Tableau, we can also use an add-on to enable reporting with the SAP Analytics Cloud for hypers­caler appli­ca­tions such as MS Azure.

cobicon Business Analytics Plattform

Our solution

cobicon Business Analytics Plattform

Our Offer

cobicon Business Analytics Plattform


You want to solve your problems with data and finally get the maximum benefit from them to take your business to the next level?
As part of our special offer, we can already develop a roadmap and design a rough target archi­tecture for you with a manageable amount of time and money.

So get in touch with us and arrange an initial meeting with us or download a short presen­tation with more infor­mation here:

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